Cruising 101

The NYC Traveler

A series of articles for beginners travelers to cruising. Cruising was once a luxury of the upper class. By the 1970s, cruising was more affordable especially since you can plan well in advance (sometimes over a year) and you can pay in installments. You need to know when you want to go, for how long, from where and to where. Also, check out the class of ship you might want and the activities and dining it offers.

Part 1: Top Ten Facts to Know

Part 2: 5 Tips for Booking Your Cruise

Part 3: Behind the Scenes on a Ship

Part 4: What to Pack for a Cruise

Part 5: Plan Your Own Excursions

Part 6: Hidden Costs

All information has been gathered from personal experience and research. Always check with a cruise line directly for the latest information.